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What Is AFC Urgent Care Telecare/Virtual Visit?

We’ll bring the medical provider to you! Enjoy the comfort of staying at home while receiving care from an AFC Urgent Care provider in Clemson via your computer or smartphone.

What Is AFC Urgent Care Telecare/Virtual Visit?

Do I need to Book a TeleCare Appointment before I my COVID testing can be done?

Book Your Telecare Appointment with AFC Clemson. If there are no appointments available, please try the following day. We are seeing very high demand for COVID testing and are trying to make the process as safe and convenient as possible for our patients.

Perhaps you’re currently unwell and you just don’t want to leave the comfort of home, or maybe you actually can’t leave home because there are certain risks involved. To get at-home care, you’ll want to ask your local medical provider for telecare, and this is what we provide here at AFC Urgent Care Clemson. Contact our clinic today for our advice, diagnosis, and recommendations for treatment, all without your having to leave home!

So just what is AFC Urgent Care telecare/virtual visit?

When a patient gets remote healthcare, this is called telecare, and it’s similar to regular healthcare from a doctor. The difference, of course, if that telecare is available at home! It can be done over the internet or via the phone, and when it’s done over the internet and in a video conference, this is called a virtual visit with a doctor. Remote diagnosis and limited treatment are possible with this kind of care.

Telecare is for minor health situations only, such as when a patient has mild flu-like symptoms. A telecare doctor can provide a basic, visual physical examination or checkup and, if necessary, additional services like a prescription. Telecare is wonderfully convenient and sometimes even necessary, like when there’s a risk of exposing yourself, your family, or other people to an illness like a virus.

Is telehealth the same as telecare?

Technically, the two are different, but really, both terms are used to describe the same kind of remote healthcare. Additionally, the terms telemedicine and virtual visit can refer to this kind of care. If you use any of these terms with us at AFC Urgent Care Clemson, we’ll know what you’re referring to!

What services can be provided via telecare?

Remember, telecare is for minor health situations only, so this means it’s for those situations that are not life-threatening. This includes issues like earaches, minor sports injuries, seasonal allergies, mild flu-like symptoms, etc. However, flu- or cold-like symptoms are a special case because they could be symptoms of a viral infection that requires special medical attention. If you or a loved one has these symptoms, a telecare doctor will be able to determine whether they should be addressed and whether in-person or curbside testing is necessary. With telecare, a checkup, diagnosis, treatment, a prescription, or another common medical service can be provided easily and conveniently.

Is telecare less expensive?

Yes! It’s actually quite inexpensive compared to regular, in-person healthcare, and it’s also usually covered by insurance. This is the case with telecare from AFC Urgent Care Clemson. We accept Medicare, Medicaid, and most other major insurances, but you can visit our Insurances page if you’re not sure whether we’ll accept your particular provider. You can also call us to check! Patients without insurance can ask us about our discounted cash-pay options.

We’d be happy to hear from you at AFC Urgent Care Clemson! If you think you or someone you love would benefit from telecare with us, then get in touch with us today. AFC Urgent Care Clemson is located at 13400 Clemson Blvd Seneca, SC 29678, and you can reach us at (864) 319-0850. We can take your call anytime Monday to Friday, 8 am to 8 pm, or Saturday/Sunday, 8 am to 5 pm. Alternatively, you can book your telecare with us online instead. We look forward to speaking with and seeing you (virtually) soon!